Dear Cuba, Let me tell you how I really feel

Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba

Lets get one thing straight off the bat. I enjoyed my time in Cuba overall. I didn’t LOVE it, nor did I HATE it. Mainly because of what I learned. I learned how fortunate we are to be privileged Americans. To see firsthand what it feels like to live without the resources, conveniences and luxuries we have available to us. It wasn’t my first time feeling like this, I have been to many other less fortunate countries than the US but for whatever reason this particular trip stood out to me. Cuba is not one of the destinations I will return too. The people were hospitable. The food was average. The transportation was “fun”, but not practical or efficient. Looking back, that is what I actually did like about the country. These imperfections. It is what makes it unique. I felt like I had stepped back into time and was living in the 1950’s. Here is a list and video of my suggestions if you have the opportunity to visit the colorful and unique country.

This is not a blog post to tell you how to get visas, how to fly as an American there. The best part about traveling sometimes is finding that information out yourself. A sense of accomplishment of researching yourself to find out the answer is the pride I take in traveling and the message I want to convey here. There are plenty of articles out there that explain how and what documentation you need. Sure it will take lots of time to figure out your answer, go find those like I did. OR…. shameless plug :  hire a respected travel agent to do all of the overwhelming things for you, ahemmm ME -> Carey Carpenter ~ Epperly Travel Advisor

Then return back here to make sure you the make the most of your trip  🙂


  1. Take a ride in the old vintage cars
  2. Drink the rum like a local ( frappes, mojitos, rum cocktails and more)
  3. Take a collectivo Taxi to Trinidad ( a group of strangers in an old vintage car as a taxi)
  4. Listen and enjoy to the live music everywhere
  5. Visit Vinales and take a horseback ride through the tobacco fields and get authentic cigars


Trinidad Cuba




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