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  • Jon Headrick

    Can’t wait to read the first blog!!!

  • Hey Carey, So great to meet you at TBEX! Love your site, such beautiful pics. Looking forward to following your blog. xo

  • Evelyn

    Can you talk about how you’re able to use internet or use your phone in all the different places that you went?
    what about health insurance?
    how did you pick your TEFL program?
    what other places have you taught?
    is it hard getting a job as a TEFL?
    how much are you paid?
    what about visa or work permits?
    when traveling did you pay for all those adventures out of pockets or did some ask you to come in order to review them?
    what is the Tech that you always brought with you?
    what are the top things you brought in your bag?
    how did you find housing?
    how much did you have saved before you left to do the TEFL? How much would you recommend saving?
    is it possible to do TEFL, live in a foreign country and still get medication?

    sorry for all the questions i’m just really curious! I know you won’t be able to answer them all but thanks for trying and for reading them 🙂

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