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My Latest Destination

  • Sydney Opera House


  • Bungee Jumping Queenstown

    New Zealand

  • Peru Humantay Lake


  • Cuban Vintage Cars


  • Austria


  • Prague


  • Meteora Greece


  • Rovinj




  • Portugal


About Me

Hi, y’all! The name is Carey, but you can call me CareBear. I am from the USA, a southern belle at heart, and I previously lived in Prague, Czech Republic teaching English from 2014-2016. I currently work as a travel agent/advisor and would be more than happy to help you off on your next adventure. You can also just call me a traveling addict ( with no need for an intervention) I have been happily infected with an incurable case of Wanderlust. In September of 2013, I took a last spontaneous trip to Croatia on a whim that changed my life. There is always those things you want to do, but you’re scared and fearful, and then something just clicks in your brain and it all seems right in that very distinct moment. That’s exactly what this trip did to me. I felt I was already living the dream. I was happy living in Newport Beach, California with a great job and a great life. But I always wanted MORE, and questioned myself, could I be even MORE happier? Traveling makes me happy, really, really happy. Whenever I return from a trip I could never explain the feeling to someone who doesn’t travel. So I decided to take a trip where I didn’t have to “return” anywhere. Booked my one-way ticket to Europe, and two years later I felt it was time to return home to do a different style of travel. I haven’t regretted one decision I’ve made…… well, maybe that one night in ..ahhh…nevermind…that’s another story for another time. 60 countries down, countless plane/train/bus rides later…. and still plenty more to explore.

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My Latest Blog

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Travel Agents are still alive, A lot of you out there need us

03 Nov, 2017


You deserve value in the investment you’re making to travel. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there floating on the internet. Use an expert to cut through that process for you. Here is why you should use a travel agent.

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Dear Cuba, Let me tell you how I really feel

10 Oct, 2017


Cuba, I liked you. But I wouldn’t say I absolutely loved and adored you. Here are my top suggestions for what to do if you have the opportunity to visit Cuba.

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Is hiking Machu Picchu really worth it ?

15 Aug, 2017


Hiking Machu Picchu is an epic travel experience.

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Where To Next

Where in the world is Carebear?

Current: USA, Florida

Domestic Travel:

Nashville TN – September

Missouri – November

New York City- December

2017 International Lineup:

Australia – Jan

New Zealand – Feb

France – March

Spain – April

Mexico – June

Peru – June

Cuba – July